Principles into Practice

We’ve been working on designing a prototype base for the company’s hydraulic ram water pump. The base’s purpose is to raise the pump off the ground to reduce weathering and to minimize motion. We’ve been tasked with designing and ordering all of the necessary parts and sending it to the welder. We got the first prototype back today and will test it out when we drive back out to the village next week!

Bryan Buying Parts2

Bryan buying parts

Eric Measuring2

Eric measuring

Final Product Team Pic3

Final product!

The other project we’ve been working on consists of making an Excel spreadsheet that can be distributed to other company offices to expedite the process of designing gravity-fed drinking water systems. We’ve also been learning how the GPS data we collected looks on Google Earth! We’ve been utilizing Visual Basic programming to automate a lot of the data interpretation, but still have quite a bit of work to go!