Learning to Learn

This week was difficult. We had to scramble in HR to fill a new position, so this unexpected task subsequently filled up my entire week. Each day, I felt dazed and lagging behind at the end of each day, however productive I may have been. In the midst of this sudden challenge, I also left a lot of my relationships out of the picture, and didn’t have as many meaningful connections this week as I wished. Even as Friday approached, and work came to a close, I looked back and saw that I had felt discouraged for much of the week because I had been basing my standard of success on my productivity, my capability to do everything right the first time. Coming into next week, I definitely want to adopt more of a learner’s mindset, especially with regards to my expectations for how well I should perform under stressful situations, like conducting interviews on the phone and in-person. With this weekend came some much needed rest, and I was even able to spend some of it with a co-worker! He invited me to his house out in the country, and we shot guns on his range (a first for me) and talked for the rest of the morning. It was encouraging to see our friendship had grown in five weeks, and I’m excited to get to know my co-workers better in the coming days.

william working2