We had our first language lesson this week and I’m proud to say we now know enough to successfully purchase a few items at the market using small phrases and not just an excessive amount of hand gestures. Our language teacher is wonderful and has been so fun to work with. She speaks excellent English, which has made the learning process quite a bit easier.
We have been able to make a lot of potential menu items here at the café, including focaccia bread, chicken salad, three types of smoothies, and two salad dressings. Watching the staff try a chicken salad sandwich was a really funny experience but they loved it, which was super encouraging to us. The employees at the café have been so fun to get to know. One of the girls taught us how to do the traditional curtsey. Apparently it is suppose to be super dainty and graceful but we managed to make it look ridiculous enough that a video was taken that got around to someone unrelated to the coffee shop who came to our English corner and said “Hey I’ve seen you guys in a video” and then laughed and showed us the video. She also showed us some taekwondo moves, which were followed by our manager whipping out a bunch of ninja moves. Come to find out his uncle taught him taekwondo to protect himself an his little brother, which I’m pretty sure is the story lines of one of the Karate kid movies. We also attempted to show them swing dancing. Needless to say it was a day that involved a lot of laughing.
Our English corner this week was so fun! Most of the people there were pretty spoke English well and our conversations with them came easily. They shared all about their culture and wanted to know all about America and some of our tradition. That was a cool avenue to share about our purpose on earth. Somehow it turned into a talent show at the end. One of the girls taught us a popular dance of one of the minorities groups, and another guy got up and sang Country Roads by John Denver. That same guy liked English corner so much that the next day he brought two of his students to story time at the café so that they could meet us.