Fresh Food and Fun with Coworkers

Our favorite part of the week was when two of our co-workers invited us for a meal at their house. They are a married couple and live in a small minority village outside of town. We got to go help buy food in the market and make it. The food was as fresh as it gets. They literally pulled a chicken from their yard, killed and plucked it, we picked out a live fish that they pulled the scales off of, gutted and cooked, and we got fresh vegetables. The food was amazing and we had a lot of fun making it. The entire staff crew, which consists of five people, was present for the meal. Afterwards, the lady who invited us to the meal went upstairs and got some traditional clothing for us to put on. Yes we did look ridiculous, yes we did get pictures, and yes we did send them in this update so I hope you all enjoy those. The hats weighed so much and we sweat a good amount in those outfits. It was a really fun day and we are so so so thankful that we not only get to work with these people but that we get to be their friends.