Blessed to Be a Blessing

bryan and friend eating donuts

Bryan and friend eating donuts


We’ve been blessed with an amazing supervisor who is very loving, patient, and has a heart to teach us how he does engineering here. We’ve been working on two projects so far: making and inventorying the parts for hydraulic ram water pumps (see assembled pump in pictures), and making an Excel spreadsheet to expedite the design process for gravity-fed drinking water systems for company partners around the country. Unfortunately we did not have the opportunity to go out into a village again this past week, but we already have a trip planned in the schedule for this week. Whether it’s helping out with home-work-projects, doing the dishes, or playing with their kids, we’ve truly enjoyed getting to serve the local employees here, who are so graciously hosting us.

eric and bryan resting between games

Eric and Bryan resting between games


We have begun to grow fond of the people here. We’ve had the opportunity to meet and have meals with two university students we met on the road just by responding to their timid “hello” as we walked past them. As guys we’ve grown closer through working out, playing Monopoly deal, talking about sports, family, girlfriends, and have worked through conflict, finishing them off with group hugs.