Climbing, Marketing and Graphic Design in Russia!
Impact others beyond their love for sports.

Climbing, Marketing and Graphic Design in Russia!

Love climbing, taking photos and video, and problem-solving?  We have the position for you!  We are looking for a marketing/communications major to invest and be invested in this summer in the mountains of Russia.  If you are highly motivated and a self-starter; if you are flexible, humble, and an active servant, please consider applying.

Our application deadline for 2016 is March 1st!

Company: Onsight

Location: Nalchik, Russia

Term: 12 weeks (June – August 2016) (dates flexible)

Team size: One intern

Estimated budget: $1000 in-country (fundraising required) [+ airfare, visa, insurance cost] [+ application fee ($25)] [+ partnership fee ($1000)].

Compensation: (Unpaid) As an official intern of Onsight you will have all fees waived associated with the gym and it’s sponsored events, including excursions into the mountains.
Required: Must be at least a sophomore to apply (with two completed years of study at college/university)

Positions for: Marketing, Communication Majors
Other qualifications: Must exemplify high standard of values and morals in all areas of life. Must be a self-starter who can observe what we are doing, think through how to improve what we are doing and then be part of implementing the improvements. Being flexible, humble and an active servant to the people around them are highly valued. Having experience and/or knowledge of advertising and marketing will be useful. Experience with photography, videography, design and/or graphics for advertising will be helpful. Any combination of the above-mentioned skills, degrees, coursework and experiences will greatly benefit the intern in the work they will be involved in for Onsight.

Project overview: Onsight is a brand new business that is in the process of developing every aspect of its operation. Communication is a key component of every successful business as it markets itself and its products. For a business, knowing how to communicate effectively to its target market and then learning how to analyze its results is necessary. In today’s society, more and more communication is through social media and online. Your role with Onsight will be to join our team in the development and promotion of competitions, events and activities through social media, web presence and marketing strategies. You will also take part in analyzing our effectiveness and help think through how to improve upon what we are doing. In this role with Onsight it is our hope that you will gain experience in problem solving and analysis, effective communication and customer research. It is our hope that we can learn from you how to improve our business operation to reach more and more people within our city and republic. Your input will be sought after and valued. Your impact upon the successfulness of Onsight will contribute to the team’s ability to meet people and share life with them. Ultimately, it is our desire that those we meet through Onsight will be impacted beyond their love for sports.
About the Company: Onsight is a newly opened climbing gym that organizes sporting competitions, trainings and cultural events. Sporting competitions and trainings are held at the gym, within the city of Nalchik and throughout the republic of Kabardino-Balkaria. Cultural events are held at the coffee shop that is located within Onsight’s gym facility. The goal of Onsight is to provide a unique outlet for people of Kabardino-Balkaria to be involved with sport, fitness and social interaction for the betterment of themselves and their community.