GBI Mentor Responsibility

Mentoring makes a difference. Everyone needs someone who can help guide, advise, and inspire us to be more than we feel we can be alone.

The GBI program requires businesses assign a mentoring to meet with the GBI intern. Ideally, their supervisor will meet with and mentor the student in – not only topics relating to their field – but also in life and character.

However, the intern can be paired with a mentor other than their supervisor if circumstances require.

Mentors commit to complete all GBI requirements for the mentor/intern relationship:

  • Check in on the intern daily to answer questions and give direction and encouragement.
  • Meet weekly to discuss work matters, give career guidance, answer the intern’s questions, debrief, and encourage the intern.
  • Give the intern an informal midway performance evaluation.
  • Give the intern a formal final performance evaluation. The mentor may give the intern things to work on but the mentor will be especially purposeful in using this time for encouragement.