GBI Mentor Responsibility

GBI requires that partnering businesses assign a mentor to pair with a GBI intern. Mentors work in a field similar to what the GBI student is studying. In best cases, the supervisor is qualified to mentor the intern not only in their field, but also in life and character. On occasion, the role is split in two – we pair the intern with a mentor will discuss influence in the workplace and another mentor in their field of study.

Mentors commit to complete all GBI requirements for the mentor/intern relationship:

  • Check in on the intern daily to answer questions and give direction and encouragement. This is typically informal, lasting no more than 15 minutes.
  • Meet weekly to discuss matters, give career guidance, answer the intern’s questions, debrief, and encourage the intern. These are typically one hour over lunch.
  • Give the intern an informal midway performance evaluation.
  • Give the intern a formal final performance evaluation. The mentor may give the intern things to work on but the mentor will be especially purposeful in using this time for encouragement.