Prepared to experience overseas and cross-cultural living
Seat King & Electrex Interns

Prepared to experience overseas and cross-cultural living

I am interning in the administration department of a company called Capital III, named after the company’s “triple-bottom-line” value to create economic, social and spiritual capital. Capital III is a top-line management company run by the same CEO with three companies underneath it: Seat King and Electrex (both located in Hutchinson, Kansas) and Rio Energy (located in Honduras). Seat King manufactures seating primarily for lawnmowers. Electrex assembles wire harnesses to generate electricity used in larger capacities of machinery. Rio Energy is a hydroelectric plant located in Honduras, where I will be working later this summer.

I expected Orientation Week (O-Week) to be similar to any other training week, consisting of PowerPoint presentations about leadership, team-building activities and debriefings. However, this week was absolutely nothing like that. This was by far the most challenging week of my entire life, surpassing all previous finals weeks. I feel prepared to experience overseas and cross-cultural living with many transferable life skills that extend beyond my experience this summer.

My sweet roommate (who is also interning for the same company) and I live with the sweetest host couple in Wichita, Kansas. We commute each day from Wichita to Hutchinson, which is about an hour drive each way. Getting used to 5:30 a.m. wake-up calls has been an adventure of its own.

–GBI Capital III intern, Hutchinson, Kansas, USA, with her roommate and fellow Seat King intern