Not your average Joe
Interns in the Middle East

Not your average Joe

This is the end of our third week here. A lot has happened, but perhaps nothing as meaningful as the connections we are beginning to make.

We are not the first interns for our company here. Two years ago a couple of other interns connected with some guys who play football (soccer) down on the beach. It’s about a five-minute drive from our apartment, so we’ve gone and played several times. There’s a mix of ages represented in the group. It has been a blast getting to sweat with them and slowly get to know them.

We’ve connected with one guy in particular: Joe*. The first few times we went Joe would pick us up at the apartment and drive us to the beach. He has taken us to barbecue on the beach, a local hangout to watch a championship soccer match, and his relative’s wedding. Joe works in the desert on an oilrig, two weeks in the desert and two weeks back in the city. This is a dangerous job, and has brought up conversations about what is important in life

*Names have been changed for security purposes.

—Update from GBI interns in the Middle East