Employer Playbook

We connect. We work to put the right people in the right places – and make the right partnerships – to help everyone move forward together.

We connect students with like-minded business leaders in the global marketplace. We work with a network of stateside and overseas businesses that have short-term employment needs, and who create an internship placement for the student.

A qualified GBI internship candidate is a current university student, typically a junior or senior, who meets all the academic and moral standards set forth by GBI and shares our values. These students come from a wide spectrum of degree tracks—click here to see current listings to get an idea of how students are bringing value to businesses like yours, allowing GBI to support most business needs.

The world is changing. Developing countries seek big ideas and business professionals with the skills to turn those ideas into sustainable, profitable businesses that transform communities and impact lives.

“GBI is in the business of equipping the next generation of marketplace leaders to have remarkable impact. They’re looking for business and community leaders who understand the enormity of the enterprise and share the call to it.GBI Business Partner

Internships are professional. Our partners are vetted and approved by GBI, and commit to complete all GBI requirements for hosting an internship. Those requirements include:

  • Give opportunity for interns to experience to various areas of the business, allowing them to gain a broader business perspective.
  • Commit to creating and assigning real work duties that are in the intern’s field of study or professional arena.
  • Maintain and model a perspective that helps inform how interns will impact the world.