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  • New Highlights

    New Highlights

    The office is extremely busy right now and the last couple weeks. The Canjel project is in full gear with equipment being shipped to the site and imported from other countries, four different construction projects/phases being operated simultaneously, and engineers from multiple countries ...
  • A Balanced life

    A Balanced life

    This past week I was able to go out to a local power plant with my marketing mentor. We toured the plant and talked through the details of providing a course for them. The hot weather and fasting have scared most of our futbol friends away from the beach except for the two guys with […]
  • New Experiences

    New Experiences

    Life here is not only about work. Since being in Asia I’ve been blessed by a number of local friends that I’ve really been able to connect with while I’m in the city. One friend in particular invited me to his hometown last week. It was in between tours, so traveling to his ...
  • Intern experiences broad range of opportunities.

    Intern experiences broad range of opportunities.

    I’ve been settling into my internship over the last couple of weeks and have really been getting to know several of my co-workers. I’ve had the opportunity to experience many different types of projects this summer, which is something I really love. I hope my future career will be ...
  • Have you rested on a Tibetan mountain?

    Have you rested on a Tibetan mountain?

    Have you rested on a Tibetan mountain, or crossed the path of a herd of goats taking a nap? We took a group mountain biking, hiking and touring this last week up in the small city we do our business out of in the mountains. We just opened an office in this city and this weekend […]
  • Week #3 update from Honduras

    Week #3 update from Honduras

    The third week held a lot of new experiences for Adam and me. Sebastian, lead engineer at HydroSys in Canada, was in SPS for four days to consult with Jose. We spoke with him about the consulting business and engineering practice in that market.  Alberto supervised the transportation of the ...
  • Not your average Joe

    Not your average Joe

    This is the end of our third week here. A lot has happened, but perhaps nothing as meaningful as the connections we are beginning to make. 
We are not the first interns for our company here. Two years ago a couple of other interns connected with some guys who play football (soccer) down on the ...
  • Every day a lesson

    Every day a lesson

    Spending time in the office with Alberto, Mario, Jose Machado and Jose Reyes teaches us everyday about engineering and project management. I actually got to help Mario a little bit with the renderings for the Zompopero project in Revit, which is an engineering drafting program from Autodesk. ...
  • Prepared to experience overseas and cross-cultural living

    Prepared to experience overseas and cross-cultural living

    I am interning in the administration department of a company called Capital III, named after the company’s “triple-bottom-line” value to create economic, social and spiritual capital. Capital III is a top-line management company run by the same CEO with three companies underneath it: Seat King ...
  • Transitioning my focus from tasks to people

    Transitioning my focus from tasks to people

    I am spending the first eight weeks of my summer working for Seat King in different areas of logistics, including purchasing, planning and manufacturing. One of the cool things about this summer so far is that I’ve been discovering where I really want to go with my career and the steps I need ...