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  • Working in the Villages

    Working in the Villages

    I (Ryan) got the opportunity to go to a village with our supervisor and a co-worker. We were visiting a village about 50 kilometers away. Our company has already worked with this village and given them the necessary pipe for a gravity fed drinking water system. When doing these projects our ...
  • Learning to Learn

    Learning to Learn

    This week was difficult. We had to scramble in HR to fill a new position, so this unexpected task subsequently filled up my entire week. Each day, I felt dazed and lagging behind at the end of each day, however productive I may have been. In the midst of this sudden challenge, I also left a lot ...
  • Blessed to Be a Blessing

    Blessed to Be a Blessing

      We’ve been blessed with an amazing supervisor who is very loving, patient, and has a heart to teach us how he does engineering here. We’ve been working on two projects so far: making and inventorying the parts for hydraulic ram water pumps (see assembled pump in pictures), ...
  • Getting to know our coworkers

    Getting to know our coworkers

    We really enjoy being at the café and with the loving staff. We’ve gotten quite a few fun opportunities to hang out with them outside of the work environment. They have taken us to some cool places to eat and explore. Communication has still been a work in progress. Who knew it would be so […]
  • Making the Most

    Making the Most

    We are now half-way through our internship this summer, and what a summer it has been! We are getting the hang of work, schedule, and managing responsibilities in the spheres of results and relationships. Yet as we move into the second half of our time here, we have been challenged to press in, ...
  • Principles into Practice

    Principles into Practice

    We’ve been working on designing a prototype base for the company’s hydraulic ram water pump. The base’s purpose is to raise the pump off the ground to reduce weathering and to minimize motion. We’ve been tasked with designing and ordering all of the necessary parts and ...
  • Field Learning in Central Asia

    Field Learning in Central Asia

      On Thursday we had our first opportunity to go to one of the villages we will be working in. For the work here there are two different types of projects we will focus on: gravity fed drinking water systems and hydraulic ram pumps used for irrigation projects. After 1.5 hours of driving ...
  • Laughing


    We had our first language lesson this week and I’m proud to say we now know enough to successfully purchase a few items at the market using small phrases and not just an excessive amount of hand gestures. Our language teacher is wonderful and has been so fun to work with. She speaks excellent ...
  • Sharing Life

    Sharing Life

    Working at a manufacturing company has brought many experiences including working with an incredibly diverse workforce that has been a joy! We have already been able to share life with people as we build relationships. Also, I love accounting! It has been so cool to work and learn what industry ...
  • Coffee and Communicating

    Coffee and Communicating

    The café feels like home. We are spoiled with the luxury of having coffee in front of us everyday as well as air conditioning. The people we work with are almost all nationals who don’t speak very much English, yet we still manage to communicate with each other. They are really fun to be around ...