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  • New Highlights

    New Highlights

    The office is extremely busy right now and the last couple weeks. The Canjel project is in full gear with equipment being shipped to the site and imported from other countries, four different construction projects/phases being operated simultaneously, and engineers from multiple countries ...
  • A Balanced life

    A Balanced life

    This past week I was able to go out to a local power plant with my marketing mentor. We toured the plant and talked through the details of providing a course for them. The hot weather and fasting have scared most of our futbol friends away from the beach except for the two guys with […]
  • New Experiences

    New Experiences

    Life here is not only about work. Since being in Asia I’ve been blessed by a number of local friends that I’ve really been able to connect with while I’m in the city. One friend in particular invited me to his hometown last week. It was in between tours, so traveling to his ...
  • Intern experiences broad range of opportunities.

    Intern experiences broad range of opportunities.

    I’ve been settling into my internship over the last couple of weeks and have really been getting to know several of my co-workers. I’ve had the opportunity to experience many different types of projects this summer, which is something I really love. I hope my future career will be ...