At our core, we recruit and connect.

GBI continually recruits business and campus partners who share our vision. We recruit students who have a hunger to be global marketplace leaders.

We connect business and campus partners who want to help build sustainable economies in underdeveloped regions of the world with students who desire to be significant.

It isn’t easy to work cross-culturally. We spend thousands of hours annually to train and equip students to land open heart and feet first on foreign soil. We employ a robust vetting process to make sure we have the right, ready partners and the right, committed students who are immediately accretive to bottom-line interests. We have a stringent logistics/operations program to make sure our students and partners are prepared and safe so parents aren’t home worrying.

If you’re a like-minded business or campus leader who has arrived here, we sincerely want to get to know you and welcome the opportunity to work with you. The world landscape has changed, and we desire, in partnership with you, to change with it.

If you’re a student, we want you to know we’re looking for interns with a deep desire to grow and learn. We’ll screen you based on your GPA, history of hard work and references. We’ll probe carefully to see your character and understand the attitude you’ll bring to a business. We’ll ask what you believe and why. We’ll spend time looking at your relational and cross-cultural skills.

We are a values-driven organization placing people in positions that allow them to grow in effectiveness and reach. We want the opportunity to recruit you.