We recruit and connect.

We bring businesses, campuses and students together for the goal of cross-cultural work.

Global Business Internships recruits business and campus partners and connects them with students who have a hunger for the global marketplace.

We work so that our students are ready to jump into life and work in an international setting. To do that takes intentionality, commitment, and a lot of strategy. With GBI, we bring the right people together to make that possible.

Our students are hand-picked, trained by the best, and sent ready to bring value to the business where they are placed.

If you’re a like-minded business or campus leader who has arrived here, we sincerely want to get to know you!

If you’re a student – we’ve been looking for you! We need interns with a deep desire to grow and learn. We’ll screen you based on your GPA, history of hard work, and the good recommendation of your references. We want to know your character and the attitude you’ll bring with you to a business. We want to know what you believe and why; and your relational and cross-cultural skills.

We’re driven by the desire to get the right people in the right places to allow them to grow in effectiveness and reach.

We want to work with you.